Dynamic Change

As Owner & Creator of Other Side Creations, Sara Ann Zimmerman is a licensed and certified Massage Therapist, since 1998, specializing in sports massage, reflexology and deep tissue. With studies in many different energy modalities, massages may incorporate energy work. She is also an Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator and Access Consciousness® Body Process Facilitator so BARS sessions/classes or BODY PROCESSES are also available.

Having heightened intuitive abilities as a child, Sara saw this physical reality much differently than the people around her. Through experiences and what she thought as challenges, only gave her deeper strength and potency in her abilities and capacities as an intuitive medium. Come explore what her gifts may contribute to you!

Sara was born and raised in the rich farm land of central Wisconsin. Taking inspiration from the stark beauty of the landscape coupled with a rebellious desire to break the mold of her traditional Midwestern upbringing, has distilled itself in her unique and beautiful abstract interpretations of life. She has a particular gift of expressing our spiritual connection with the world around us all. From acrylic on canvas to oil and wood her bold energetic paintings beautifully blur the line between traditional time honored artistic standards and cutting edge avant-garde bravery. She has created what fans and peers have dubbed new expressive surrealism. 

Allow Sara’s talents and abilities to ignite a change in your life today!

Sara Ann Zimmerman

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